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Instapot creamy Mac and cheese (Kid approved)

Okay I don't mean to alarm you but this is really ridiculously good. My daughter love Mac and cheese (who doesn't?) but I wanted to stop the Annie's box Mac and cheese and start making her something a bit healthier and better tasting. Here it goes: Ingredients 16 oz pasta 3 tablespoons butter 1 tsp… Continue reading Instapot creamy Mac and cheese (Kid approved)

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I love matcha everything but especially Starbucks green tea frappe's. But a girl can't be drinking 650 calories worth of a small frappe. C'MON! Here is a recipe that tastes exactly like Starbucks and only 40 calories. Alright get you some... MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER (2 tsp) SWEETENER or SUGAR (1 tsp) COCONUT WATER (4… Continue reading STARBUCKS GREEN TEA FRAPPE 40 calories!!

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Raising boys and raising girls

I'm writing this because ì saw a post on Facebook yesterday asking "Should boys be allowed to play with baby dolls?" Ì started scrolling through the comments and immediately saw various opinions regarding the subject, most women said yes they should be allowed to play with what ever it is that they want. A few… Continue reading Raising boys and raising girls